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Kevin Hogan Affiliate Program
(... Upgraded to Make You Money)

"Kevin Has Opened the Checkbook!"

He's ready to start paying out! We've launched many new exciting products in the Affiliate Program! Remember, almost all of our programs are not e-products! They are real programs customers purchase and take shipment on. You, as our affiliate, get paid at a rate higher than almost anyone else out there selling hard products!

New text and banner links we've added make it easier and faster for you to earn more affiliate sales! We'll be adding more and testing response to the banners and text links, so check back for changes frequently!

We are excited to announce that Kevin Hogan's Science of Influence Library is now a part of the affiliate program.  Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to make large commissions without lifting a finger to do it!

You'll want to move fast to log in to the administration panel and grab your banner and/or text links! This is a golden opportunity to haul in some free cash.

Sign in to your affiliate console and grab your custom links so you get credit for your sales!



We've added "Live Events" and "E-Courses" categories into the Affiliate Program. Each sale pays you, the affiliate, $350 to $1000 just for making the referral. Kevin does all the work!


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1. Participation is Easy and Free

2. Place links on your site to

3. Visitors click from your site to and purchase items. You earn a 25% - 35% of sales and get paid fast!


Referral Fees and Payment Schedule

Our online reporting conveniently keeps you informed of the progress of your site by tracking sales. We have even added a sub-id tracking code. There are many programs that help you earn referral fees via your Affiliate Links.



35% of Sale - All physical CD/DVD  (Avg. Commission $94.03)

25% of Sale - Live Events & E-courses  (25% of $1500 - $4000)

30% of Fee - Licensee Program  (30% of $10,000 Annual Fee)


2nd Tier Added

10% of earnings paid to recruiting affiliate.


Tracking cookies used are now 180 days.


We pay you by Gift Certificate, or check on a monthly basis. Our program provides a variety of links for you to choose from. Your links will be created with your unique Affiliate ID already included and will be ready for instant use on your site. You can choose from a number of popular links or banners that would fit the content of your site.


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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732